Shadow Aegis Bug in Daily Realm

Ever since I’ve started using the Shadow Aegis trait, I’ve yet to finish a Daily Realm dungeon run (6 consecutive days now). At some point in my run in a Daily Realm, instead of Shadow Aegis protecting my team, somehow the enemy AOE spell will ignore the 90% damage reduction and bypass my creatures’ defenses and wipeout my team even from lesser spells like Murder of Crows that would normally barely put a dent in any of my creatures’ current health.

This bug hasn’t occurred outside the Daily Realm. It’s getting very annoying getting my team wiped every day from this bug. I guess until this bug gets fixed, I’m going to have to not use Shadow Aegis when I do my Daily Realm run for now if I ever want to finish one again.

Device: Apple iPad Air 1
Operating System: iOS 10.3.3
Game Version: 2.4.5 (although the in-game title screen incorrectly shows 2.4.4)

The fact that it’s a Daily Realm won’t nullify the trait for whatever reason. It’s more likely that an enemy is casting a spell right before your creatures gain Invisibility, so the trait isn’t activating in that case.

Given that initially my invisibility came from Pariah, wouldn’t that activate before the creatures cast their first spell including Cast at Start ones? Every run that I died in though, it occurred AFTER all the Cast at Start activities completed and all the enemy creatures were ahead of my creatures in the action queue. Therefore my invisibility should have been part of the damage calculations of the creatures’ spells.

As I said earlier, I don’t get killed in other realms using Shadow Aegis besides the Daily Realm. Because of my constant dying in the Daily Realm, the enemy creatures are weaker than ones I normally fight in all other realms, so I should be surviving spell attacks like Murder of Crows even without Shadow Aegis being activated. I never had an issue of completing my Daily Realms until my very first run using an artifact with Shadow Aegis.