Shapeshifters Overshadowed by Spells

I don’t know about you guys, but I really like shapeshifters. However, they come pretty late in the game and are far outclassed by spells. No real reason to play with them, unfortunately.

This is a shame too, because the best thing about Shapeshift is that you can see what is happening in battle. Your creature changes form, you may recognize the new form, don’t need to check the menu for x number of traits.

Chaos Rift is like the shapeshift command, but can be triggered and gives ALL of your creatures traits. Talk about a spell outclassing a creature ability, this is taking it to the extreme!

Same thing with Ascension but for an individual creature.

Things get so out of hands with the spells granting additional traits I can’t even keep track of what is happening in battle.

Make Shapeshifters Great Again, rework OP spells! Except for master shapeshifter, he is completely OP with the granting of bonus turns.