Shogun Core extraction


Before 2.0.9 I managed to extract and earn 27 Shogun cores for a neather orb. I enchanted them and now need another core to create a nether egg.
But when I try to extract my 28th the game says the Shogun is a special character and its core can’t be extracted!

What am I doing wrong?

You were not supposed to be able to ever extract the Shogun, or other “special” creatures. Do power rituals.

27 cores gives a neather orb? or am I missing something since i thought neather orbs were find only. ???

You are right, I have a nether orb with 27 slots, and 27 Level 10 Shogun gems I made in the gem room. After 2.0.9 my Shogun cores are gone, so I can’t use my Shogun gems with my nether orb.

So a power ritual to generate a Shogun core? I thought it was pure randomisation.

There are four types of cores, generally speaking: “normal” ones found in the realms, Power Spell cores obtainable only through the aforementioned, purchaseable cores from Bynine, and then the special cases, which you really don’t find anywhere else. Shogun is a power spell core.

Fantastic, thanks!

Any rough estimate how much power i should invest?

25K at least, which raises you above the Exalted Emblem/Shard/Quill reward levels.

Thanks!!! ;D

Is it possible to invest more than 25k? I have pretty much all castle upgrades (except blacksmith 7 and new creatures 15) and ~200k power, but I can commit no more than 25k. Thanks!

Nope, that’s the maximum.