Short suggestions from Tysheth

First off, I don’t expect all of these points to be addressed. I’m just one person, and Siralim 2 is being developed for many. Where I might prefer one thing, other players might prefer the opposite. I encourage any players to chime in especially on notes with which they disagree.

  1. It’s very frustrating to breed for gene strength (GS) for a couple of reasons. I don’t know how much GS I will get based any two creatures’ levels, and I don’t know which stats will benefit from the GS. This could be clarified with an entry in the Library, with an addition to the breeding UI, or ideally both. The ability to remove selected bred-in stats would be nice, too, but less necessary with sufficient information.

  2. I am unable to skip any dialog attached to a sound effect. This is mostly a problem when summoning multiple creatures at a time for breeding purposes. It’s especially bad when I have my computer muted, as I then have to wait with no indication that the waiting period is over unless I spam the skip button.

  3. I sometimes summon multiples of a single creature to sit in my stable for experience, to be bred later. Currently, I must go through the entire dialog and find the right core in my massive hoard for each individual. As above, the unskippable musical flourish compounds this problem.

  4. The map shows less than I can see without it while fully zoomed out, and I can discern no difference on the map between unexplored tiles and empty floor tiles. The map is useless except when I’m forced to use it to search for the treasure X. I suppose it would be useful if I had the Guiding Light perk, but that perk is far too expensive for what it does, and still leaves the map’s size problem. (I think Guiding Light should completely remove the fog, if possible.)

  5. I would very much prefer to be able to view my creatures’ stats and extra traits in combat. This would be useful for situations such as Sigils with randomized stats or having cast Chaos Rift to gain more traits. (I think this is the one mostly likely to be a valid difference in preference.)

  6. I haven’t gotten quite this far in the game yet, but I’ve read that after the last step in favor with a god, further levels take 5000 favor for only 5 deity points. I might expect for the rate of deity point gain to slow down a bit, but by less than half, and certainly not over 6 times slower than the last step. (This particular concern can be greatly or completely ameliorated by the large-scope suggestion in my other thread.)

  7. Using a charm in a Strife-enabled realm could permanently increase the number of roaming monster packs, by any number between one and the number of packs spawned by the charm. The respawns don’t need to have the same monster type as the charm, but it would be cool.

8) I’d like to know by how much my resource gain is being reduced when in a realm level too low for me.

8 is not going to happen because zack doesnt want people gaming the system for optimal resources

Thank you for the suggestions!

  1. While there are no plans to show any additional details about your breeding outcome, I am trying to remove the “hidden mechanics” involved with breeding. The upcoming patch addresses this to some extent, and additional improvements will probably be made on that end later on, too.

2-3) You can mute sound effects in-game to skip these sound effects entirely.

  1. The map is just there to give you some idea about what’s around you. I think realms are small enough that you don’t need an extremely detailed map to navigate. However, the Guiding Light perk is receiving a small boost in the upcoming patch.

  2. Yes, the Inspect option could use some work. I’ll probably make it so that the E button allows you to cycle through all of a creature’s traits.

  3. I think 5 Deity Points per 5000 favor is decent for the amount of effort involved, but currently, the numbers of Deity Points available to players is too small right now. That’s addressed in the upcoming patch, too.