Show legendary material details on merchant screen

It would be really nice if you could see what a legendary enchantment material does on the merchant screen. A couple of times I’ve seen one available on a merchant and not had any idea what it does. I bought it anyway just in case it was awesome, only to discover that it’s some lackluster ability that I have no interest in. That makes me annoyed that I spent so many resources on it, since I would not have bought it if I knew the details of what it does.

It’s the same way with creature cores. Though, to be honest, I buy them regardless of their usefulness at this current stage. Considering that the creatures and their abilities are getting updated and balanced all the time, it’s always worth it to grab them when I see them. Never know if that creature or ability might end up being exactly what I was looking for later.

I agree though, seeing more info certainly wouldn’t be a bad thing. There had been a similar situation earlier and Zack had noted that it was due to trouble with space. That could be the problem here as well.