Shrine effect


I think the 100% additional resources shrine effect is bugged and it gives 100% additional experience instead.

This appears to be working properly. Maybe your Pocket Dumpling used an experience item?

That’s possible, but I’m pretty sure I don’t gain twice as much resources when having this shrine effect. One precision : I have noticed this after reawakening the shrine.


This has happened again. I was in my daily realm, I have reawakened the shrine to get the additional resources buff. I am sure I don’t gain twice as much with the effect. I think I gain a bit more, but not 100% more.

Before the effect I gained around 8000-1000 of each resources (excluding power) and after the effect it was something like 11000-13000.

And it seems that the items that give 100% more resources don’t work neither.

I’ve got another one about shrine effects. The attack effect seems to add about 100% attack to my creatures. I don’t think it is really 100% but it is more than announced. The realm I have done with this effect was a real breeze !

Hi, I’m pretty sure the 25% additional health shrine effect gives something like 50% instead. I have a Pegasus with 3000 HP and with the effect it has 4500.

You’re definitely right about that - shrine effects and consumable items that temporarily increase stats are awarding 10x as many stats as intended. Good catch!

Experience and resource increases still appear to be working properly, though.

I don’t know about experience, but I’m very very sure that resource increase is broken for me.

8000 brimstone before effect and 11000 after effect on average. And consumable items seem totally broken.

To convince you, I’ll try to take some notes with and without effects and items :smiley:

I see the problem now - there’s a miscalculation with the way base resources are calculated which throws everything else off. That just showed up in the most recent patch.

I’m glad you found it. I was beginning to think that I have bugs that I am the only one to have …

While we’re talking about resource gain, I find it does not scale enough (or at all) with the realm difficulty. I’m running a level 25 realm right now and I gain around 9000-10000 of each resource while I was gaining around 7000-8000 at realm level 1.

In comparison, experience starts from 20000 (at my level) for a level 1 realm and it goes to 100000 at realm level 25. That is a nice scaling.

Resources are going to be changed in the next update. The amount you gain and the cost of everything will no longer scale with your character’s level. There’s no point in having these numbers scale and it just forces players to deal with out-of-control numbers later on. Plus it’s really hard to balance the prices of everything right now. The amount you gain based on Realm level will also be increased.

I think this update will be very nice !


I think the 100% additional resources shrine effect still does not work in 1.3.0. Before having the effect I was gaining around 500 or each resource and 1000 power and those numbers are the same after the effect.

Alright, really this time, I figured out the problem. It’s applying a slight bonus but not one that matches the intended amount. I’ll get this fixed soon. Thanks!