Sigil Drop Rate : I think I am just unlucky ...

On my current save, I am around Realm 90 in normal realms. This gives me enemies with levels in the 300’s.

(My team has a highest level in the low 200’s, so I shouldn’t be getting any loot penalties)

In any case, I am having a lot of trouble completing a Prophecy asking me to beat Itherian level 7, because I can’t find a seventh Sigil.

I don’t have any since is what “normal” is regarding the rate of Sigil drops … Like on average around Realm 90 I should be getting a Sigil about once every how many Realms?

I understand that getting unlucky happens, but Itherian Realm are a lot of fun, and not being able to play them can be frustrating (especially when I have the prophecy asking me to hit Itherian Realm 7)

Obviously, I should have posted here sooner …

… Immediately after posting, I got the Sigil drop that I had been wanting for the past 10+ Realms

aint they just lying on the ground in normal realms waiting to be picked, pop in, use a farsight map, no sigil - save/exit. or just do quest/move down :stuck_out_tongue:

For this save file, I have yet to find a Sigil lying on the ground in a Normal Realm … No idea why …

For me, Itherian Realms are the fun part of the End Game. Therefore, the lack of Sigils for this save file is really frustrating. In particular, when I did find one Sigil earlier today, the fact that I had to do it at a low-level made it a lot less fun than it would have been otherwise. That is, because I am having bad luck finding Sigils, my Itherian Realm level is dramatically lower than my Normal Realm level, which means that the creatures in the Itherian Realm are lower-level than my creatures … which makes the Itherian Realms a lot less fun/intersting than they should be …

Currently, the most fun/challenging fights in the game are high-level Itherian boss fights, but I am not able to play those fights on this save file due to bad luck … which feels very frustrating. I am fine with randomness in an RPG, but typically item-drop randomness doesn’t put you in a situation where you don’t have access to the fun stuff. (Note: Maybe for some players having Itherian Realms trivialized due to low enemy levels is fine, but I enjoy the game when I am pushing hard content.)

…How is this even a problem? Zack has stated several times that achievement points affect the loot you get. I’m on ~70% of all achievments and I get about 1-2 sigils during every realm related activity that I do. In other words, never running out. You probably have low achievement points so increase those first.

Thanks a lot for the data.

I have been playing through the early end-game on this Save File. I have 4813 Achievement points on this Save File, which I assume is pretty normal for the early end-game … Although I am curious is other players had more Achievement Points when they played through the early end-game?

Recently, I have been full-clearing Normal Realms to try and find Sigils (grabbing every chest and killing all Nemisis packs that I find). Doing this, I have found two Sigils in the last 23 Normal Realms that I full-cleared. (During this time, I also cleared one Itherian Realm and got a Prophecy turn-in, but neither of those provided a Sigil)

Sometimes it feels like I am playing a very different game than others on this forum. Has anyone else played through the early end game (e.g. Normal Realms 50-100) since the loot rebalance in 0.5.11?

Currently, I find the early end-game to be frustrating and not fun. I could grind out more achievements, but the game should have an enjoyable gameplay loop in the early end-game before players have managed to grind their way to 70% achievements.

In any case, if my experience is the intended experience that is fine, I am happy to move on and accept that I am just not in the target audience. (My experience is that Sigils are rare – one every 10-12 Normal Realm full-clears and that Itherian Realms are trivially easy because few Sigils leads to a low max-Itherian Realm.)

However, before I do that, I want to make sure that the problem is me and that there isn’t a systemic problem with the early end-game.

Sup, basically it all comes out to normal realms and your lvl vs realm lvl. Just rush it deep down a bit, maybe even ignoring most monsters/chests. Sigils AFAIK could only be found on the ground (well or i never got a single one from any other source, after sigil on itherian completition was removed). So if you have spare maps of farsight - use map/move to sigil if present/do quest/ move down, if no sigil - just do quest/move down. And/OR you can use CJ to make monster level in normal realms a bit higher, so it will be higher then yor nether level a lil bit (around 20%+ to be safe). Dont be afraid to skip monsters/chests etc. If you ll concentrate on normal realms for a few hours you can quickly build a supply of sigils this way, just balance your gameplay to never really run out, leave 1 or so pages of em, from my observations doing a slightly higher realms brings your around 1 sigil every 2-3 realms, with maps of farsight its really quick, w/o em its a dice roll ofc.

No one really knows how many points is a good bonus yet but Zack said that much is coming in a later patch. We just know more is better. You’ll be able to view your loot bonus % in the future.

I’ll make the same suggestion I’ve been making so often in the Discord and that is to grab Tartarith’s talisman ASAP. At least Tartarith’s realm isn’t bad. You’ll get a lot of random cores from the iron maidens. Try to get Tartarith’s Hatred to lvl 10 or 20 or higher with rune powder. Then kill Nemesis packs as much as possible since you’ll be getting more loot from them. They can drop sigils and talismans too so keep killing them.

There will be a bit of a weird spot where you need Tartarith’s talisman to be higher level to find more sigils but you need sigils to level the talisman but it’ll come faster and faster. Keep using more rune powder if you still aren’t getting sigils. Once the talisman is lvl 100 it gets much better since you’ll also get x4 loot from Itherian boss chests. Then, getting other talismans to drop like Scavenger’s Sorrow is just a matter of time with x2 Nemesis loot and x4 boss chest loot.