Sigil Mechanics

I have questions about sigils. I have a ritual in progress to hatch an egg. I am thinking of replacing my flailing manticore with this creature, if the traits are good, and am wondering how gene strength and sigils are calculated. Is the gene strength of enemies in sigils based on my highest gene strength creature and not on my party’s TOTAL gene strength? Are my enemies in the sigil based on the highest level of my creatures or average level? How does my mage level affect what I face in sigils.

Also, how much harder are major sigils than regular ones? I don’t think I have a strong party for my mage level. to tackle sigils, I will get higher level artifacts and go to the azure dream realm and get blessings for my party there. I also need better spell gems. Are there any purchasable potions later which temporarily give bonuses to combat for the realm? Without spoiling it, are there foods that can increase my combat abilities in a realm? So far I just have 100% more chance to find runes/spell gems, and sigils. I suppose there are runes I can eventually purchase as well as finding cards.

I am currently lvl. 27.



From what I’ve observed, the level and gene strength of the enemies in a sigil are influenced by both the level of the sigil and your character’s level.

As for toughness of sigils, major and primal have more/stronger restrictions on them than minor sigils, and also have higher level/gene strength creatures. You can always look at your sigils in your inventory to get an idea of how tough they are…

I have a sigil which says enemies block my attacks. Does that mean there is a 100% success rate? Also, if my attacks are blocked do I still get increased defence for my dusk crusader, etc.?



It does mean attacks are 100% useless against them. You will need to either use spells or damaging effects like poison, burn, bleed, live to labor, etc.

I believe effects that trigger on attack still go off but I’ve never attacked sigil enemies that block attacks.

If you have rage punishment, your attacks will still do 1 point of damage… of course against creatures with 1200 health it would take a while :slight_smile:

The other one to look out for if you are using a class team (eg all hunters - nature) is the dreaded “immune to class xxx”. This works the same as block - but only affects that class of creatures. In this case they are also immune to spells from class xxx (or seem to be).