Sigil suggestion

Not sure if it should go here or the main suggestion subforum, but the relevance is specifically in regards to elize quests, so…

Anyway, would it be possible to implement choosing a sigil race, for an appropriately inflated cost (50-100k, seems reasonable-ish)? The resources cost isn’t really an issue, but having to randomize upwards of several dozen times to get the right race requested by elize, at any point being one repetition-induced excess button press from having the process go on even further, is both time-consuming (perhaps needlessly) and rather frustrating. It’d be really nice to be able to just splash some extra rock and… not… have to go through that.

Maybe even make it an arcanist upgrade, possibly in context of also being able to reroll specific properties (reforge equivalent, basically) and/or modify major(+) sigils.

75k seems reasonable for when you don’t have a sigil of that race. ~75% cost of all sigils races.

Since it encourages collecting sigils mid game and is still slightly expensive late game.

Either that or some way to at least bias the race selection for drops. Every task list I get is bound by the hours of grinding to get the right sigil race long after all the other tasks are done. And that’s assuming you don’t mess up and lose the sigil fight…