Sigils, are they always like this?

So I played siralim 1 for quite a bit and finally got the second one on my phone lol… So my first sigil I got it made me really excited because it was really interesting saying lv8 creatures (10gene str) then came the extra bonuses they would have and I was like that is really cool.

Then I noticed something that kinda ruined the excitement. I was planning to fight it when I had lv12 guys or atleast attempted it for fun. But then I realized they scale rather than be set in stone as you found it and this was a big bummer. I then realized there is no variance between sigils of the same level other than those bonuses. This seemed like such a missed opportunity to let sigils be fun and have mystery. I would have really liked to see the sigils creature spawn level and gene str randomized but also be scaled to realm level as you find it and the stats can’t change giving you a side goal to try and conquer it.

But when you see lv8 and gene str10 and you get to lv12 guys and look at it to now see lv17 (16gene str) cause I guess my +6 worm increased the gene on it also I made me feel empty about sigils again. I would have loved to find harder sigils as I progressed but not find them and watch the ones I found become harder because I tried to level up to take it on.

So besides my suggestion, do sigils ever become more random or are they all the same with monster level and gene str? Just would have been so much more fun to find a sigil that had set stats and finding better / tougher ones further you get rather than them just being the same and scaling as your monsters level up. I hope that makes sense.

Higher sigils levels seem to scale even higher than your party, so there’s that. I havent kept up much with the game in a while but my guess as to why this was changed was because people had a lot of sigils of lower level which granted NO reward because their party was too high level and if they were to switch back to a lower leveled team their artifacts would make the lower sigils like swatting flies.

hmm interesting… well I will just have to deal with it lol.