Sigils give more exp in realms vs in the castle

95.58M mage exp in the castle.
119.97M mage exp in highest nether realm depth reached.

I have all punishments that give additional exp active.

Is this intended?
It’s about a 25% increase.

The sigils give normal exp in normal realms.
It seems to be due to using sigils in the nether realms.

Got it, thanks!

I always figured this was intentional.

You are risking your safety and position in a realm by using a sigil there. While in the castle you heal up to full after battle and if you did you don’t really lose any progress.

Yeah, that’s my thoughts as well.

If more exp is given when sigils are used in realms. It should apply to normal realms as well.

Maybe nether realms could give sigil enemies the properties of nether enemies (if that’s not already the case). Maybe using them in nether realms provides an even bigger exp bonus compared to normal realms and not in realms.

Resource gain for sigils is also increased in the nether realm.
Seems to be around a +75-100% increase at sufficient realm depth.

Probably due to the small effect realm depth has on resource gain, since I just hit 1000 per resource at 2080 depth with lots of resource cards.

The nether realm also increases resource gain slightly compared to the normal realm as well.

Ex. ~1000% sigil gives 4600 or so of each resource in the castle.
While a +950% sigil in the nether realm gives about 8000 of each resource.