Silence + Lingering Sickness(Defiler)

I was just trying to understand if silence counted as a debuff toward the Defiler’s perk of having enemy debuffs lasting forever? Is silence a debuff or is this a bug?

I’m using a Defiler with Lingering Sickness along with a Spell Lock Spell gem to have all enemies silenced then it fades after 3 turns still.

Thanks, fixed in the next patch!

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Yeah, I’ve been using a debuff build with Venedon (for my Witch Doctor) and Silence and Scorned both seem to last too long. Well, either that or they just don’t get turns or something but I think it’s the first because I try to use Timewalk to rid them of scorned but it doesn’t seem to work.
Actually kind of makes me wish for a trait that made enemies resistant to Scorned lol.