Silenced in nether misery fight

A Leper Blightbringer managed to silence my immune to silence creatures in a Misery fight.

There was something else weird in that battle, 3 of my monsters went first due to raid, then Misery, then another one of my monsters. As if Misery had been affected by Raid.

Bosses prevent all forms of debuff immunity, similar to how bosses are immune to a lot of debuffs themselves.

As for your second post, would all of your creatures normally have been faster than Misery, and therefore ahead of him on the action queue? It sounds like only 3 of your creatures were affected by Raid, then Misery was just placed after them.

The thing is, there was another one of my creatures after Misery instead of the other 5 enemies. There’s no way I would outspeed a nether 900 Misery with my team.

Do you have Amnesia turned on? Raid takes effect after Amnesia so that might be it.

No, I don’t

It just happened again in a different boss fight. The boss went first, then 3 of my creatures.