Silent gamecrash on android

Hello! Tried both yesterdays update and todays update, but still getting the silent crash on mobile unfortunately.

It seems like the crash happens when my mimic who has the trait “Salted Earth” use provoke, to chain the traits “Despair” and “Absolution” on turn 1. The enemies starts building up their debuffs and then the game crashes.

It usually happens after I’ve done some battles already in the same realm and there’s only less than a handfull of enemies left

Mobile specs (if needed): S21 Ultra
Cpu - Exynos 2100
Ram - 12GB
(Thermal when it has crashed 33-35° celsius, so don’t think it’s because the phone gets too hot)

Put it on a temporary save file if you want to try to get the crash to happen!

Save: 305 074 349 452

On highest dept I’ve never managed to clear it before crashing.
Keep using macro on all creatures and it’d eventually crash on its own.
Got all battle text turned to “none” except OHKO and Ressurect which is turned “all”. Battle animations is also turned “OFF”.

Edit: Crashes on both “high performance: on and off”

I’m not Zack, but I loaded your save and was able to kill all enemies on the floor without crashes.

Pixel 6

Thanks for testing. Not sure if there has been any new update stabilization since this post.
I’ll give it another try and see if I get any crash!

Edit: Crashed on 4th fight for me unfortunately.
One thing I forgot to say is that I’ve onöy tried to play Caustic Reactor realm, because I’m trying to get some fame there.
Not sure if Caustic Reactor realm has anything to do with the crash, but if you have time to try it out on that realm, I’d appreciate it!