Silver tickets suggestion

So, we all agree that Time Stop and Silver/Gold ticket teleporting is dumb. But I’ve been playing with Farsight + Blink in high-level realms, and it’s really fun.

What if instead of teleporting you to the Teleportation Shrine, silver tickets finished your duty and cast Blink on you? If you’re feeling ambitious, maybe it could tend to teleport you closer to the shrine (like, choose 2 or 3 random locations, and put the player at whichever one is closer to the shrine). Or it could just be a random teleport, so it’d be “finish my duty and get me away from these monsters to a different part of the level”.

I actually enjoy using my silver tickets and gold tickets for auto realm finish and move to next one! lol! Its only because finding silvers and gold’s have been much harder to get than they use to be. It doesn’t feel like cheating, kinda just feels like im getting a bonus reward using the tickets but I can’t actually make use of the high level realm’s treasures so its nothing like time stop where you can take full advantage of realm.

I personally prefer they stay as they are. I also never thought of the whole blink idea! My bronze tickets may get use afterall! lol

This is obviously a personal thing, but tickets are really annoying for me. The only ones I really use are bronze ones because I clear a realm and forget or don’t feel like taking the time on core extracting duties. Finish clearing a realm and… crap, that Extraction duty; good thing I have about 200 bronze tickets. I have about 70 silver and 50 or so gold ones taking space.

My real problem is that they take up lot space that could’ve been worth something. Rate material drop? Nope silver/golden ticket. I use a 25k power spell, special cores? Legendary materials? Less useful but possibly desirable spells? Nope, golden tickets. :frowning: they’re worth nothing to me, so losing out on valuables that I spend time and resources to get really makes these things the Zubats in a cave I’m trying to get to the end of. (If you understand my analogy) I’m glad to hear their drop rate is being reduced, though.

use silver + gold tickets to boost your realm level depth and they are great for a boost in player experience and not to mention the roll for chance at great items each time used.
What I liked is just the fact I could go and unlock a high level realm… im at 70 I think now, however I could only do say 20, but as I got stronger I could jump 5 realms and go to 25 without having to walk around clear just to move up 1 level.

For sure in version 2.0.13 I am finding silvers and golds to be a fairly rare find so they are not exactly and issue.

Tickets have always felt like a nice treat to me, and I admit I use the “use them on the highest realm level then leave” trick, though I don’t usually have enough that it just feels like I’m cheaping out on playing the game. If they do need to be changed in the future, though, maybe make it so they can only be used at 75-90% of your highest realm level, so you actually have to -beat- your highest realm level to raise it, but can still get “free” rewards?