Since customization is the name of the game

Had a few random thoughts in my playtime thus far. Maybe they’re in the pipeline, maybe not. But I thought I’d see if they were practical or desirable.

  • Instead of changing just the castle music in deco mode, how about an actual juke box decoration that can be used to change all the themes? So many battle themes from old games, I wouldn’t mind changing the various fight tracks up sometimes, too.

  • We can breed a second trait onto a monster (and add another via artifact) but how about being able to change the first trait? You know, when you find that creature that exudes your style but has a trait that isn’t exactly serviceable or relies on having more of its race? I’m not saying make it easy; hell, make it take several trait items to change it, if need be. I’d love the option to make that one monster truly my own. I’m almost out of projects so I haven’t seen anything that could do such a thing yet so it would be amazing if it could be a thing.

For a game with so much customization already, I find myself wanting EVEN MORE of it.

Sense there is no PvP that I am aware of yet I wouldn’t mind the 2nd option.

Heck give me control of the pallets instead of the 4 choices. I don’t see this happening sense the amount of work that would take would hurt but maybe tuck it away for the future.

If there was PvP, I would accept the limitation of that creature being locked out of it. Realistically though, wouldn’t matter because you could still create the same setup with a normal creature.

I’m also just kinda biding time until decoration limit gets boosted. I tried to do the bottommost room into a garden space with floor tiles and didn’t come close to finishing before maxing out.