Singular-boosting effects don't seem to work

I have two 2 Cards with 5% increased Singular chance, the Secret Ingredient trait and I just cheated to make the singular talisman level 100 billion (just to confirm my suspicions), and I still haven’t noticed an increase in Singular creatures.

teach me your cheating ways so I can hunt for obscure bugs too

It’s called Cheat Engine. It is a third party program that can modify single player games. Some assembly may be required. (Programmers will get the joke.)

i just think there is something weird in singular spawn rate. At least after some patch. Have like 400 hours playtime, in 1st 200 ive met 4 singulars, in last 200 ive met 0 singulars

Same here. I’ve met 3 singular creatures in early game (~20 hours), but I haven’t seen them in more higher realms since then for more than 100 hours. I’m starting to think the rate is 0 or broken for any reason. :’(