Singular Creatures Broken

V 1.0.6, OSX

Singular creatures now appear the same way as regular creatures. They still have the singular class icon, it’s just the creature’s image that isn’t working right.

Seems to be working for me. What creature(s) are you having problems with?

I closed and restarted the game, and can’t replicate the error. I’ll let you know if it re-occurs, but maybe it was just a freak glitch. Sorry to bother!

Bad news… it happened again. The Singular Lich King you just made available at the Jester showed up as a regular king when I hatched it, and all of the others in my inventory are normal as well. As before, when I reboot the game, they’re fixed. The problem session had been open for an hour, so it’s hard to point to what may have caused the problem. I’ll let you know if I narrow it down further.

same problem on my iOS version, returned to camp after clearing a realm and all critters had reverted to normal graphics although they still showed the singular icon.