Singularity: After attacking an enemy with more health than this creature, switch health with the target.

I tried using an Immortal King for the Singularity ability, and it doesn’t seem to be working. I know the enemies have significantly more health than my Immortal King, but his health remains the same and no text appears that is related to the ability.

Have you considered that it might work using percentages? Just a guess, but it seems like it might be the case.
I do think Zack wouldn’t let a singularity build come forth where your king basically turns indestructable while hitting anything for 95%+ of its health, that doesn’t seem very balanced.

Correct, it’s based on a percentage.

So, does it only work within a certain threshold? For example, if the enemy has X% more health than the creature wielding singularity, it simply doesn’t work? Or does it only exchange a certain percentage of health? I’m almost certain that I saw no change, but it was a few hours ago so it’s possible that I may have been mistaken.

Cephyric: As far as balance is concerned, if Singularity caused a switch that multiplied the creature’s health even twentyfold as you suggested, the enemies are at such a high level that their attack has scaled appropriately with their health. Even with a massive amount of health, the friendly creature would still probably die in a couple of hits. Damage reduction would still be a much more formidable source of effective health, and there are more potent solutions currently available (Blood Dance). Balancing Singularity to a percentage would more likely be for the purpose of preventing players from swapping the health of friendly creatures with high level enemies so that those enemies can be eliminated next turn with a single hit.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure, from what these guys are saying, that it works like this: If your Singularity guy is at 25% health and hits and enemy who is, after the attack, left at 80% health, your guy is set to 80% health and the enemy goes down to 25% health. None of this effects how many hitpoints either of them actually have at those percentages, just the percentages themselves.

That’s correct!

Reaching the higher levels (200+ or so), if any hit gets through your soaker / tank, you’ve basically lost the fight anyway. Being able to take 3 hits instead of one is a huuuge thing as it can buy you time to get that last attack and/or spell in to win the fight.