Siralim 1.0.2 has been released, and a Mac version now available!

You can download the Mac demo here:

You can purchase the Mac version from the purchase page ( using the Humblet widget after it is added in a few hours. This purchase is cross-platform, meaning you only need to pay once to get access to both the Windows and Mac versions of Siralim!

In addition, an update has been pushed out for all platforms. Please be patient as it is updated on your downloads page. The patch notes can be found below.


  • Added support for devices that run a 15.9 : 9 aspect ratio (such as 1360x768).
  • Several optimizations to make the game run more smoothly on all devices.


  • Added smart touchscreen controls.
    • When a message box appears, the controls are hidden automatically, and you can tap anywhere on the screen to proceed through the message.
    • When a menu or important screen is opened, the controls become more transparent so you can more easily read the information.


  • The options menu now only displays options that can be used by your operating system.
  • The name chooser is now more intelligent and easier to see.


  • Resolved an issue where a keypress could persist indefinitely if the game window lost focus.
  • Fixed a bug that caused power to be used for construction rituals even when the ritual shouldn’t have costed any power.
  • Fixed a bug on some devices that caused the graphics to appear stretched.
  • Fixed a bug with Creature Permadeath mode where Damaos would give you a free creature before completing the first Castle Quest.
  • Fixed a bug with Hardcore mode that prevented the game from saving.
  • Fixed a bug on Android devices that caused the “Save & Exit” menu option to not properly save the game on certain devices.