Siralim 1 experience

Hi Zack, I was wondering if you could help me by clarifying why my experience points received went down from 700 to 800 and suddenly dropped to one or two points per battle and zero experience points for character? This happened on the 1st game I created but didn’t notice the change and thought it started out that way. I just recently created a new game and my character is level 15 and I suddenly stopped getting all the experience i was getting and now I only get one or two points per creature and 0 for the character. I am only on creatures tier 2 but this is what it did to me on the last game making it nearly impossible to level up and I only reached level 132 after 355 hours that’s why I started the game over after all that agonizing time spent with my first game now i sudden!y have the same problem. Could you please help me figure out what happened what I’m doing to Make the game suddenly stop giving me more than one or two points experience?

I’m sorry I know this is an old game to you But I am infatuated with this game and I would really like to know how to avoid having my experience points reduced so drastically because obviously it makes it impossible to level up my character and my creatures without using a lot of pandemonium tokens I’ve been so frustrated this has happened again.
Is there any possible way you can help me? … If you do reply I hope your system will email me… Thank you sincerely in advance. Luke

You’ll stop gaining experience points after level 15 if you’re playing the demo version of the game.

Oh that sucks is there anyway I can upgrade or get a patch that will allow me to play the game All Access or have they all been cancelled?

What platform are you playing the game on?

I’m using an Android tablet version 6.0.1

You can unlock the full game by opening the in-game menu (press B) and then choose “Buy Game” which should be the first option. It’s $4.99 USD. Let me know if you have any issues!

Okay great thank you very much zack I appreciate your help

I must have gotten this from Amazon underground or something because when I try to buy the game it tells me that it’s free and when I click the button it says that I already own it set alarm on cap still in place. How will I get the game now and if there’s another way of getting the game will it wipe out all of my data call will it be saved?

Please let me know when you get a chance and thank you very much for your help

The Amazon Underground version is really bad, but unfortunately, they won’t let me remove it from the store. It has all kinds of bugs and incompatibilities. Your best bet is to obtain the game from the Google Play Store. I don’t think you will be able to preserve your saved data since cloud storage is only available on the paid version of the game. I know that’s frustrating - I’m sorry.

That’s okay I’ll be happy knowing that I’m playing the full version and there won’t be any restrictions.
Thank you again I appreciate your help

That works perfectly Zach I have the full game now. It did not pick up any of my saved files and I wouldn’t know how to get rid of the old ones that are taking up space then I can figure that out some way.
Thank you once again I really appreciate it I think I will look forward to this game much better now …off we go, ass-kicking time. 8)