Siralim 2 for PS4

Hello everyone,

Can someone tell me please what the hell is going on with the console version? I’ve read it would be released in January. Then it was early Feb, then Feb 24th, then assumed by the end. It’s now March and I’m wondering when this is going to be here. I’ve bought it on my phone in January from the endless wait. I just can’t get into playing games on my phone.

Any update would be great and at least told to a reliable source since nobody has a correct date it seems. There is probably many others waiting.

It’s definitely coming out this month - it just passed QA testing the other day from Sony, so I’m just waiting to hear from someone on Monday to confirm my suggested date and then I’ll announce it.

Great news! Looking forward. Every Tuesday-Fri since January I look at the store hoping I would see it haha.

Are you allowed to comment on the price? I believe the last 1 was $14. I’m hoping for a $9 steal or just a nice discount for getting them all. Haha

Such a spectacular game, I hope you guys continue to make a name and have at least got a respectable profit from PS4. We need more indie treasures. I recommend your game to everyone I come across who likes RPGs.

I just had one more question about the cloud save. Is that cross platform? I haven’t played much (8-10 hours) on the phone because I really don’t want to start over, but I put it on the cloud with hopes lol.

Thanks have a great weekend.

It’ll be $14.99 USD in North America, and somewhere around 14.99 euros in Europe. Unfortunately, the cloud saving feature is against Sony’s guidelines, so I wasn’t able to include it. Outside of that, all other features work exactly the same as on the other platforms.

Thanks for your support and kind words!