Siralim 2 Greenlight - we need your help!

Edit: We’re greenlit! Thanks to everyone who voted!

Boo, double post! :stuck_out_tongue:

Voted “Yes” and even favourited it (though I don’t know what that does).

(The screenshot scrolling is much more smooth on Greenlight than on the Store. What’s up with that, Steam?)

I’m digging that Lister fellow, and seeing “King Zack” in the screenshot made me giggle.

Def voted yes for this, but I did have a question seeing as I don’t normally use Steam- once it’s approved and finished, how long for a ps4 port this time around?

After the game is fully released, it should be on PS4 within a few months.

I bet you can’t say a release day till greenlight is over … what about google play version ? It’s nice timekiller game and love the freedom on your games :slight_smile: i hope one day you make more games ^-^ i joined to congrats for your work :slight_smile: thanks

Thanks for your support!

The reason why a release date hasn’t been announced yet is because the game isn’t finished, and I don’t want to set a time limit for myself - it’s better to spend a few extra weeks polishing it up and making sure it’s fun instead of rushing it out. With that said, the mobile versions will come after the desktop version, so it’ll be a while still.

Well said! I wish every developer thought like you, especially AAA developers.

Hmm it would be nice if AAA developers could think like that but they can’t … they got a dead line, that is not on their hands to set … If company says i want the game ready by 3rd April you have to rush it (example ff7 psx rushed game and many more … ) Again thanks for fast reply zack :slight_smile: take your time i expect a lot more from silarim 2 ^-^ ( that’s the advantage of having a small team :slight_smile: ) Go go yoyoengine :))