Siralim 2 - Guess the Release Date

Tomorrow (May 16th), Zack is expected to reveal the Release Date for Siralim 2 on Steam!

Post in this thread with your guess for the release date. One lucky winner (randomly chosen among all players who guess correctly) will win an Indie Game from my Steam Inventory. Something new to try out while you wait for the release!

Note: Zack has said that if all goes well, he expects the release date to be in May. May has only 31 days, and it is unlikely that the announced release date is in the first half of the month (although Zack is a fan of Chrono Trigger ) so your odds are quite good!

The winner will be able to select an Indie game of his/her choice from a list of options that include:
– Dungeon Defenders
– Defender’s Quest
– Full Mojo Rampage
– HammerWatch
– Flamebreak *** Underrated Gem
– Nuclear Throne
– Magicka
– Magicmaker *** Underrated Gem
– Vertical Drop Heroes


As of Midnight GMT (7pm Eastern USA) we have the following guesses.
Note: I will accept guesses up until the point when Zack makes an official announcement.

May 16: Lioness + Sckip
May 17:
May 18: NeoDraconis
May 19:
May 20: Respwner
May 21: Vector of Infection
May 22:
May 23: Vilantius + Linkff
May 24: Winsomniak + Jamosup
May 25:
May 26: Shortielah

A part of me hopes he’ll just drop it tomorrow, but I think next Monday is probably more likely. So far Zack’s sounded pretty optimistic and seems to be hitting his goals easily. It will keep with the monday devblog updates, and give the game enough time to hype a bit without making us wait so long we turn into a bunch of tasmanian tigers ourselves.

Hmmm you found my weak spot 8) lol ok I bet on 23 monday good luck

Betting on the 16th, and who needs another game once S2 drops :stuck_out_tongue:

lol @lioness have the mega hype for the release of S2.
if the game is out on the 16th, it would be magic!

Magic is buffed a lot in S2 so I’m optimistic :stuck_out_tongue:

I am just going to guess the 18th.


I don’t Know, let me ask him.

The 21st

Guessing the 20th, weekend release :wink: hoping earlier ofc :stuck_out_tongue:

I have always thought it would be the 24th.

I made an edit to the original post to add the guesses that have been made so far. I am happy to accept new guesses right up until Zack makes an official announcement.

Does anyone want to guess the 17th? the 19th? the 22nd? the 25th? or perhaps the 31st?

Also, no one yet has been willing to go out on a limb and guess something in the first half of May. (Which is too bad, I have always been a fan of a good time-travel story!)

I’m gonna go out on a limb and guess the 26th. It conforms with most things being released on a Thursday, and gives him a bit over a week from the announcement to ensure that it’s on Steam and ready :).

EDIT: Damn - so close :frowning: