Siralim 2 mods

As of recent, I’ve actually been looking for mods for Siralim 2… Not mods that would make the game easier or even harder. Sort of a mix between the two actually… The mods I talk about involve anything from new textures and skins to new monsters in general. I was wondering if there were any mods out there at all that fulfilled this IF they are even possible in the first place. My only reason for asking is that I’ve noticed a pattern from playing Siralim 2… It was the first game of the series I’ve played and I’m loving it a lot, but I notice that many of the monsters are sort of “Lines of Progression” for a single species, like the Hounds or the Doom Fortresses. And although I’ve not seen every monster yet or every variation, I know that I might come into this issue in the future, so I’m checking to see if there is anyone who has remedied this issue TO AN EXTENT, as there is no sure fire way in order to stop from reaching an end point.

There’s no official mod support, so any modifications would be more like “hacks” of the game that are applied via patches or runtime injection. With that said, I don’t think I’ve seen any of these. You typically find that kind of stuff with much larger games like Undertale. I think Siralim is just too small to have a modding community right now.

Just to be clear about the “lines of progression” you mentioned about creatures: one creature isn’t meant to be better than another. For example, Diabolic Commanders and Diabolic Menaces have competitive stats and entirely different traits that make them different from each other, but not one that is better than another. You might have already realized this but I just wanted to make a note of that in case there’s any confusion.

Thank you for the response. I’m REALLY enjoying Siralim 2 and it’s sad to hear that there isn’t a few “Non-cheaty” mods out there for the game. Seems like it could really be fun to have around.

Along with this, thank you for clarifying how the different monster “subspecies” work. Typically, games involving breeding result in getting better monsters by crossbreeding. And this can come from genes or the monster type itself. In this case, seeing as one could go from a Minotaur Battlemaster to a Minotaur Juggernaut, I thought that some had an advantage over others, sort of like a ranking system. But it’s good to note that the increase in power is based on their genes and the traits.