Siralim 2 - Patch 0.12.0 Released

This patch mainly focuses on balance. As you can see, the effectiveness of area-of-effect spells has been reduced quite a bit. The motivation for these changes was to prevent players from feeling forced to use these spells, and instead show some attention to single-target spells as well. I believe area-of-effect spells are still quite powerful and definitely have their place in the game, but are no longer mandatory.

In addition, spells that always manipulate the Action Queue in the player’s favor have been reworked entirely. It was way too easy to build a team of creatures that cast spells like Haste and Rabid Dementia indefinitely, which prevents enemies from ever being able to take a turn.

A few traits were rebalanced as well. These traits were problematic because they allowed players to largely ignore stats - and in some cases, any form of strategy when composing their teams.

Lastly, new achievements have been added for Nether Realms. I apologize for not having these ready in time for the last patch, but this was honestly an oversight; I did not originally plan to add any more achievements. These cannot be awarded retroactively.

The next major patch will include cross-platform cloud saving, improved enemy AI, and general quality-of-life improvements. I’m also close to having the Mac and Linux versions of the game ready as we’re very close to leaving Early Access at this point.

VERSION 0.12.0:

  • Rebalanced a few spells and traits. You can find the changes at the bottom of these patch notes.
  • Added 38 new achievements to the game that are related to changes made to Nether Realms in patch 0.11.0.
  • Added traits that do not belong to any creatures to the Compendium of Traits (aka the traits exclusive to Nether Realms).
  • Stat increases and decreases from spells and traits in battle are now slightly mitigated by diminishing returns.
  • Decreased the damage dealt by area-of-effect spells by 23%.
  • Decreased the healing done by area-of-effect spells by 25%.
  • Decreased the stat gain/loss by area-of-effect spells by 20%.
  • Barrier display text is now correctly shortened for large numbers.
  • The ‘Self-Awareness’ trait now only works if it’s a creature’s innate trait, or a trait on their artifact. This is to prevent players from accidentally transforming their creatures.
  • Fixed a bug with the ‘Refraction’ trait that allowed it to work at incorrect times.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed charms to be used in boss rooms and special nether realm rooms.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed sigils to be used in special nether rooms.
  • Fixed a display bug related to the ‘Self-Awareness’ trait.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur that is related to the new traveling merchants.
  • Fixed a crash that would occur when purchasing a Key of the Arcane.
  • Fixed a few bugs that prevented players from buying certain items at the Nether Goblet.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Riddle Dwarves in special Nether Realm rooms to persist even after you answered the riddle.
  • Fixed a bug with the ‘Replication’ perk that prevented it from applying debuffs to the correct creatures.


  • Admire the Gods: When this creature takes damage, and the damage exceeds 25% (down from 30%) of its Maximum Health, reduce the damage to 25% (down from 30%) of its Maximum Health. The amount of damage prevented cannot exceed 100% of this creature’s Maximum Health. (previously there was no limit to the amount of damage prevented)
  • Celestial Fortitude: Your creatures cannot take damage that exceeds 45% of their Maximum Health. The amount of damage prevented cannot exceed 100% of the creature’s Maximum Health. (previously there was no limit to the amount of damage prevented)
  • Diamond Attunement: All creatures lose access to their innate traits while this creature is alive. (reworked)
  • Eye of the Storm: While this creature is above 90% Health, your creatures’ Health cannot fall below 5%. This effect is ignored if the incoming damage would exceed 100% of the target creature’s Maximum Health. (previously there was no limit to the amount of damage prevented)
  • Flesh Offering: When this creature casts a spell, it sacrifices 25% Current Health, adds this amount of health to its damage (previously did not add any damage), and casts the spell 1 additional time.
  • Final Act of Judgment: At the start of this creature’s turn, deal damage to all enemies equal to 0.5% of their Current Health for each point of Mana this creature is missing. The damage cannot exceed 25% of each creatures’ Current Health. (reworked; the old version was the exact same trait as Sadism - oops!)
  • Patriarchy: This creature takes all damage from attacks and spells in place of your Imlings. (no longer reduces incoming damage)
  • Spiral Ward: While this creature is below 50% Health, it does not take damage from spells. (previously worked at any amount of health)


  • Haste (reworked): Target gains a massive amount of Speed.
  • Ice Bolt (reworked): Target takes a small amount of damage and is afflicted with Frozen.
  • Rabid Dementia (reworked): Target gains Berserk and attacks a random enemy.
  • Shadow Infusion (reworked): Target gains a large amount of Attack and Speed.