Siralim 2 - Patch 0.13.0 Released

VERSION 0.13.0:

  • Implemented cross-platform cloud saving. You can use this feature to import and export your save files to our servers, allowing you to retrieve them later on, even with an entirely different device. This functionality will also extend to the Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android versions when they’re released, so you’ll be able to play your save files from just about anywhere. Note that we are still completely unsure if we’ll be able to implement this feature in the Playstation 4/Vita versions.
  • Added 25 new wardrobe costumes to the tailor. Some of these are recolors of a few costumes that are already in the game. Some of these will not appear at the tailor until you’ve collected the costumes’ ‘base’ costume.
  • Fixed a rounding issue when interacting with resource nodes that caused players to receive fractions of resources.
  • Fixed a bug that caused traveling merchants in Nether Realms to persist for multiple realms in a row.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented some breeding options from appearing when selecting from one of your combinations at the breeder.
  • Fixed a few cases where players were told they didn’t have the required components to craft items at the Nether Goblet.
  • Fixed a display bug related to the ‘Starvation’ punishment.
  • Fixed a display bug related to the ‘Inspect’ command in battle.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the ‘Eldritch Strike’ trait to deal far more damage than intended.
  • Fixed several display issues in certain Nether Realm-specific rooms.
  • Made yet another likely-failed attempt to prevent your creatures from sometimes wandering off to the corner of the map. :frowning: