Siralim 2 - Patch 0.6.0 Released

Patch time! This one adds two new punishments, at least one of which will probably make a lot of people very happy! In addition, there’s now a Compendium of Traits in the library. Aside from that, the patch mainly focuses on quality-of-life improvements and bug fixes that were introduced in the last patch.

This patch isn’t quite as large as the others, but working on this game for 14-16 hours per day for the last several weeks has finally caught up with me and now I’m sick. I’ll be taking the next few days off (aside from any major bugs/crashes that come up from this patch) and resume development on Monday. Have a good weekend!

VERSION 0.6.0:

  • Added a new punishment: Nervousness. You can move at double speed in realms even if you haven’t defeated all the enemies. Note: this punishment is only unlocked after you’ve earned double movement in realms from the gods.
  • Added a new punishment: Abandonment. Your creatures in the stable no longer gain experience points.
  • Added a new book shelf to the library: Compendium of Traits. This compendium lists all the traits you’ve discovered in your creature bestiary.
  • Turbo Mode now also skips the spellcasting sound effect.
  • You can now use the A and D (left/right) keys to easily toggle between your creatures in the spell gem equipment menu.
  • You can now press E to destroy unimportant objects in realms while you’re facing them. For example, you can destroy trees.
  • If you’ve discovered a treasure map but haven’t found the actual treasure yet, a message will appear on your map to let you know.
  • Changed the ‘Singularity’ trait: At the start of battle, your creatures share their base Maximum Health with each other. In addition, your creatures take 100% more damage. This trait does not stack.
  • Fixed a bug that could sometimes prevent the confirmation menu from appearing when fleeing from battle.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Nostalgia punishment to sometimes give enemies only one creature to fight with.
  • Fixed a few bugs and freezes related to the Nostalgia punishment in the arena.
  • Fixed a display bug that could cause random creatures to appear in the corner of your screen at random.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused your highest level creature to gain far more experience points than intended.