Siralim 2 - Patch 1.0.8 Released

Today’s patch addresses a few bugs, but more importantly it includes several optimizations and a new in-game option to prepare Siralim 2 for its mobile launch.

The Android and iOS versions of the game are 100% ready to go, but I want to make sure our new “FPS Skipping” option works correctly. If you’d like to help test it, please enable it and play the game with it turned on. If you find any bugs with it, please let me know.

If testing goes well, the Android version will be released before the weekend (but of course, that’s not a promise and it’s not definite). iOS will follow shortly after, only because Apple takes a long time to review apps before they can be sold, so the iOS version will likely be a week behind the Android release.

VERSION 1.0.8:

  • Added a new display option: FPS Skipping. You can enable this option to skip every other frame which should significantly boost performance on weaker devices. This option is disabled by default for computers and enabled by default for mobile devices. If some of you could enable this option and play around with it for a bit, that would be very helpful to ensure it doesn’t introduce any bugs!
  • Tons of optimizations to make the game run more smoothly on weaker devices.
  • Removed 3 achievements that are now obsolete. These were leftovers from Early Access.
  • A few minor crash fixes.

The patch has been re-released. Thanks for your patience!