Siralim 2 - Patch 1.1.1 Released

This patch has been submitted for Steam and Android. The iOS version will be submitted tomorrow and should be available within 48 hours.

  • Cooking buffs that grant bonus favor after battles now also work with battles spawned by the ‘Strife’ punishment.
  • Battle fatigue now forces at least 1 damage to be dealt to creatures when they take damage. The goal of this change is to ensure that players don’t always feel compelled to forfeit fights in “stalemate” battles.
  • Nemesis bosses can no longer spawn after defeating another Nemesis pack.
  • Another attempt to fix an issue that prevented some players from being able to obtain a Cloud ID.
  • Mimics can no longer spawn in boss rooms.
  • Nemesis packs now count as normal enemies when the ‘Strife’ punishment determines whether or not to spawn a new pack of enemies.
  • God side quests should now be granted at the appropriate times.
  • More touch control improvements and bug fixes.
  • Significantly reduced battery consumption on mobile devices.
  • Fixed a bug with the ‘Phantasm’ trait that caused the gems it granted to cost mana.
  • Fixed a bug with the ‘Break the Cycle’ trait that prevented it from working if more than 3 enemies were present.
  • Fixed a bug that could sometimes prevent sun, moon, and arcane spheres from spawning in Eternity’s End.
  • Fixed a few instances that could cause players to receive negative experience points at extremely high levels.