Siralim 2: Potential for Team customization

The potential for late-game Team customization in Siralim 2 is crazy:
– Pick 5 regular creatures for your team. (Out of 500+ possible creatures)
– Pick a Nether creature with one Nether Trait and three regular traits (again 500+ traits to choose from)
– Pick one extra Trait per creature to use as the Legendary Trait on its artifact
– Pick (at least) 3 spell spheres per creature
– Pick 5 Runes (one per class)
– Pick a mage class to determine your perks
– Pick a long-duration Chef buff to augment your team

Did I miss anything? :slight_smile:

I know of no other RPG with anywhere near this ability to experiment with different parties/teams.

Yes artifacts and their traits. :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re teasing me

What I’m really curious about is whether we’ll see a couple of S-tier creatures/abilities far above the remaining 95% of the roster again or if the balance is good enough that everyone will be running a different min/max team.

I certainly expect that there will be many creature traits (abilities) that aren’t useful in the end-game, which is perfectly fine in a game like this. (Indeed, it is an important progression step for a player very new to the game/genre to be able to – as they move along in the game – identify traits that are no longer as useful and replace them in order to improve their team. Indeed, it makes a new player feel “smart” the first time they swap out a creature they really like – and have used for a long term – because better traits are available that provide better synergy.)

That being said, if the game is successful, I think the following balance properties are important:

  1. There should be multiple, fundamentally different team archetypes that experienced players might reasonably choose to run … and it shouldn’t be “obvious” which of these is the “best”. (For example perhaps some players run a team built around Damage-over-time effects, some players run a team built around AOE spell-casting, some players run a team built around supporting a single, powerful attacker, some players run a team built around healing.)

  2. There should not be traits that are so good that they are used by every archetype. That is, traits should ideally be good for particular team setups and not unconditionally good, regardless of what kind of team you are running.

  3. Within an archetype, there should be room for even very experienced players to disagree on optimal team composition. It is fine if everyone making a “Damage-over-time team” picks traits X, Y, Z and W … as long as there is room to experiment with how best to complement X, Y, Z, and W in filling out the rest of your team. That is, it is fine if certain choices are “obvious” within an archetype as long as there are still interesting/non-obvious choices to make beyond those “obvious” choices.

  4. Creatures that are introduced very late in the game or are particularly hard/tricky to acquire should reasonably have a place on some team archetype that an experienced player might reasonably choose to play. That is, it is fine to have creatures/traits that aren’t used by experienced players (see above) but they shouldn’t be the ones that require players to jump through a complex sequence of hoops to acquire. (This isn’t to say that all early-game creatures should be useless late-game – it is valuable to have some early-game creatures with a place on certain late-game teams. Instead this is saying that creatures that are useless late-game should be weighted towards being easier to acquire.)

It is my hope that as we move through Early Access that Zack with make some tweaks as needed to try to achieve these balance goals.

Let me know if you disagree on what the balance goals of a game like Siralim should be.

That will depend heavily upon the presence of percentage damage / instant death / doom / stat-stealing abilities, but looking at what was done during Siralim 1, a garanteed turn 1 kill setup will probably not show up / get nerfed.

But the biggest change this time around is that you will no longer be garanteed the first turn, thus it is not possible to make a 1hko unlimited team, it WILL be limited by speed and/or defence no matter how much damage it deals.

Edit: And I agree with you Noetherian that there should be room for experimenting and arguing about min/max-setups :wink:

No guaranteed first turn seems like the smartest and most drastic change to team composition, it’s so so good.

The thing about the way S2 seems setup, is that you are on an ever-developing adventure. While this is great, roadblocks are surely bound to appear. But these obstacles will force you to think and change up your team.

That’s how I’m gonna play it anyway.

What I’m worried about is that it will be really hard to improve the creatures you like with the breeding system, since they will change into another one.

I believe that was addressed. The trick is to breed two together that only give another of the first chosen one as the offspring? I am guessing that there will be plenty of those kinds of recipes to make use of.

Well, if it’s like DWM, just breeding with a monster of the same family should work.

Zack had confirmed that whenever you need to creatures and the game does not have a recipe that covers that breeding, you just get back the first parent.

Additively, as Umaro indicated, the “special” recipes that give you new creatures generally involve breeding members of two different races. So if you just want to increase the gene strength of your Coast Watcher, just breed it with another Watcher.