Siralim 2 - Progress Report: April 13, 2016

I’ll start posting these progress reports each week to give you a better idea about what still needs to be done before Siralim 2 can be released on Steam Early Access! These reports will be short and to-the-point.

Since last week, I’ve finished the library in its entirety, coded all the Life and Death traits, and implemented all the achievements (over 500 in total). That means the following still needs to be done:

  1. Chaos, Sorcery, and Nature traits.

  2. Story quests and related boss fights.

  3. Enemy AI.

  4. Personal testing.

I will definitely finish the traits and enemy AI by the end of the month, and I might even be able to get started on some of the story quests. This means that we’re still on track for a may or late May release at the very latest!

Fantastic! Looks like things are coming together nicely. Thanks for the progress report and good luck as always :slight_smile:

Weekly updates on progress? Awesome. When the game comes out I am going to dive into it. Heck I will freaking marathon it for a full day with only breaks for life necessities.

Can’t wait until this list is down to you play(test)ing the game yourself, that must be the best feeling after all this hard work

Sounds like good progress. Looking forward to doing what I can to help with siralim 2, once out of course.

omg never had such a feedback from developers O.o small communities are the best :slight_smile: Continue the great job :smiley: