Siralim 2 - Progress Report: April 20, 2016

Since last week, I’ve completed all the traits in the game! That means we’re left with the following:

  1. Enemy AI. I’ll definitely have this done by next week.

  2. Story quests

  3. Personal testing

We’re almost there! My current goal is to complete the game and start testing it by the end of the first week of May.

Sounds like you’re actually slightly ahead of schedule which must be a record first in video game development :smiley: That list is so awfully, amazingly short now!

Minor request(s) -

Map Improvements:

  1. Different color coding (or icon!) for NPCs/Breakables/Chests/Shrines/Gem Boxes/etc. when viewing the map.
    Right now, if I use a Silver/Golden Ticket, I’ll want to seek the Shrine out asap. That’s part of the reason I want to see the map. In S1, it’s green, like all the breakables/chests/gem boxes with no distinction in color.
  2. Ability to scroll the map when viewing it
  3. Discovered space colored differently than black/undiscovered space

Good stuff!

I would also like some map improvements, maybe a mini-map that covers the whole realm (like in the Geneforge games, there are probably lots of others but this one came to mind).

Look at the bottom left:

Wow! I am truly impressed by the progress that you are making.

Can’t wait to get my hands on Siralim 2 in early May! Thank you so much for your hard work!

:smiley: Almost done ^-^ Join the hype train 8) 8) 8)

Well done Zack. It does indeed sound like your almost there. Keep it up buddy!

[quote=“Lethrblaka, post:4, topic:1260”]Look at the bottom left:

Bottom right mate.

Thanks Zack, keep on it. We are all eagerly awaiting! :smiley:

What a fateful coincidence, my goal is also to start testing your game by the end of the first week of May. I’m shocked at the timeline for enemy AI. Shows how little I know about the technical aspects of development.

Damn. I keep messing my right and left every now and then. :-[

Hey Zack its 420 what you smoking on 8)

And don’t tell me you don’t smoke either I been to Grassland Realm level 420 I know how it is

Dumb question, but when you say start testing, you mean internally, right? Sorry, I’m just antsy.

Yes - just to catch the obvious bugs and crashes, then we’ll move to Steam Early Access as soon as possible.