Siralim 2 - Progress Report: April 27, 2016

Since last week, I’ve finished the AI and started working on the story quests! The AI will probably need some fine-tuning later on, but for now, it’s smart enough for each creature to properly utilize most of the spells and traits in the game.

Story quests are about 50% complete, so I’ll definitely have the game finished by the end of next week. There are also a few minor things I’d like to adjust, but there’s nothing that should prevent the game from being released on Early Access in May.

Will we lose our progress when the game goes live if we buy it early access?

No, everything will carry over to the final version of the game.

Almost there Zack! The home stretch gets ever closer :slight_smile:

I have my hand ready to click on that “Buy” button !

First thing in a long time I want to throw all kinds of money at :smiley:

What platforms will the Early Access be available to?

It’ll start on just Windows, but will eventually come to Mac and Linux as well. It will be released on other platforms without any beta/early access testing after that.

Godspeed good Zack! :smiley: