Siralim 2 - Progress Report: April 6, 2016

Hi everyone,

A lot of people are eager to hear a release date for Siralim 2, but unfortunately, I’m still not sure when it will be ready. However, the game is very close to being finished so I’ve decided to make this post to describe what else I still have to do.

  1. Implement traits (abilities) for each creature. There are over 500 in the game, and each one takes an unpredictable amount of time to implement. Some traits are straightforward and only take a couple minutes to code, while others can take up to an hour. In addition, while coding some traits, it’s possible that I’ll find a bug in the battle engine that needs to be fixed. As of April 1, I’ve been coding 30 traits per day. I can work on other things alongside these traits, too.

  2. Achievements. You might think these could wait until after the game is released on Early Access, but actually, achievements are extremely important in Siralim 2 because they give you rewards for completing them. The achievements interface and functionality are already complete, but I still have to code each one. I don’t expect this to take longer than a few days, fortunately.

  3. Story quests. Everything is already written, but I still have to code the quests themselves, along with the boss’ traits. Boss traits are more complex than normal traits, and there are 10-11 bosses in total. I’m thinking this will all take less than a week to implement.

  4. Library. This is a fairly tedious process because I need to make sure everything is written as clearly as possible to avoid frustrating or overwhelming new players. There will be 15 book shelves in total, and I’ve been writing about 2 of them per day for the last few days.

  5. Enemy combat AI. I honestly have no idea how long this will take. The AI needs to know how to properly use all the traits and spells found in the game.

  6. Personal playtesting. I want to play the game for at least a week or two before releasing it on Early Access to make sure there are no obvious bugs or crashes. This will also be a good opportunity for me to balance the game and fix any weird dialog issues.

Aside from everything else, it’s possible that some other issues will arise during development that will take even more time. Even so, my best guess for an Early Access release date is mid-late May. I’ll definitely be able to make a more solid prediction in a few weeks, so keep an eye on our forums for more updates!

Thank you for the update dude! :slight_smile:

Just a little while longer.

Great stuff thanks for the update Zack. It certainly sounds like you have your hands full so good luck! Hopefully everything will go relatively smoothly and you won’t have too many frustrating hours when your burning that midnight oil! :slight_smile:

Thanks for posting this, it’s interesting to see what’s left to do - it’ll be Siralim 2 vs enjoying the summer sun apparently :smiley:

Given what you have left to do, Mid-May would be impressive …

… if you pull off Mid-May, you deserve some serious props!

:c Actually thats a lot to do O.o enemy A.I. will take time :3 (making custom script for every monster attack pattern behavour based on player choices and randomness) please try to make them more clever than siralim 1 enemies >_>

Libraries won’t take much it’s only explaining things with plain words

Balancing game … that might take centuries lol … you might release the game and still need balance well idk try your best :slight_smile:

People usually find or exploit some traits or abilities and make game easy or boring unless that’s intented it needs balance

Anyway best of luck you got the support of the community go on and thanks for the update :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: 8) :smiley: ;D

I would argue in a game that has endless scaling as a primary feature, that should be the intended design. Even in S1, players have access to legendary powers on artifacts, which enemies do not possess.

How long after will the android version hit? My computer is rarely used anymore from time constraints factor, but i have a new fancy phone thats just itching for Siralim 2.
(I’ll prolly buy it on steam+android anyway but android will be primary this time)

All non-Steam platforms will come after the game is fully released on Steam. Hopefully it won’t be in early access very long, though!

Good to hear that things are coming along well!

One note: the FAQ on the Siralim 2 site says it’ll be on Early Access in April 2016 in the latest; I suggest changing that to May or even June 2016 to be safe, to avoid the possibility of people seeing that and being confused as to why it isn’t out yet.

Zack are you more of a beer guy or a liquor guy?

@jamosup: Good idea - I’ll get that changed immediately. Thanks!

@Vector: Bourbon and rye!

Good man, good man indeed