Siralim 2 - Progress Report: May 11, 2016

I’ve been playing the full version of the game for the last several days, and while I’ve found (and fixed) dozens (hundreds?) of bugs and crashes, none of them have been very severe. I have only defeated about half of the bosses so far and still have a ton of features that need to be tested, but overall, testing is going extremely well.

A few notes of interest that immediately come to mind:

The story boss fights are exactly how they should be - unique, fun, challenging, and psychologically rewarding. I received the beating of a lifetime from the first several bosses and had to adjust my entire party around them in order to win, even after I out-leveled them by quite a bit. I wish I could say more about these bosses, but you’ll appreciate them a lot more if they remain unspoiled!

Battles feel smooth and diverse, and if you don’t choose your targets carefully, you’ll die. Fortunately, the “Inspect” option on the battle menu allows you to view any creature’s trait, including those of your enemies. You’ll probably use this option quite a lot.

Creature summoning and breeding create an almost limitless number of opportunities to experiment. Each time I add a different creature to my party, the entire flow of battle significantly changes.

Spells are extremely useful. Some of my creatures battle exclusively with spells, while some of my other creatures are better at attacking, just as it should be. Buffs and debuffs are a lot more prominent in this game than Siralim, too. Later on, it’s possibly even worthwhile to make one of your creatures a dedicated dispeller.

The flow of the game is such that you’re always seeing something new, whether it’s a new type of item, a new creature, or an entirely new feature.

I guess you probably already expected most of what I’ve written so far, but from a developer’s point of view, it’s very relieving to see that everything came together as expected in the end. I can confidently say that Siralim 2 will not only meet, but completely exceed your expectations!

Expect an official Early Access release date to be revealed on May 16, 2016. And yes, it will definitely be released in May.

Any ideas on the price or do you plan to surprise us with that as well? :stuck_out_tongue:

The Steam version will cost $14.99, with a discount available to Early Access adopters.

I’m planning to release at least one expansion for the game as well. Expansions will be free.

Wooo! Go Zack! :smiley:

Everything you have written is great news, including the price, the discount and the free expansion !

I really can’t wait to play the game.

First, it is awesome to hear that the game is working out how you hoped it would.

Definitely looking forward to difficult boss fights that require careful thinking about spells and party composition. (Playing around with team builds is a big party of the fun of Siralim, and bosses that push players to experiment is a great step forward.)

Also, very excited to hear that an expansion is planned. I would be very happy to pay for an expansion, but I definitely see the advantage of releasing it for free. (I know that some developers have found that free expansions can generate positive publicity and sell a bunch of copies of the base game – I hope that works out for Siralim 2)

Any idea on the PS4/Vita port timeline?

Still hoping for a summer release for PS :slight_smile:

This is such a tease!

In Siralim 1 players choose a class for their Monarch that affects starting creatures/realm as well as class-specific perks.

I don’t recall hearing whether this notion of Monarch “class” is present in Siralim 2?

You’re still a king/queen, and you still choose from of the five classes at the start. Your class affects your first two (starting) creatures, your starting spells, and your class-specific perks.

Class perks are a much bigger deal in S2 because they drastically change the way you’ll approach battles. I’m playing a Chaos Mage right now, so I’ll give an example of one of their perks:

Chaos Magic: Your creatures’ Defend command is replaced with Chaos Magic. When your creatures use Chaos Magic, they cast a random Chaos spell for 0 Mana.

This perk has been insanely useful for me so far. Sometimes it casts something horrible, but it has also single-handedly saved me in a few battles where I was sure I’d die.

All realm types are unlocked right from the start of the game. In addition, you no longer need to complete rituals to unlock new creatures - more will be unlocked gradually with each realm level you conquer. This makes the early game feel a lot more interesting than in S1.

Oh so much more fun! Wait does the new command still count as defend for say those dancers? Otherwise wouldn’t that prevent you from using their dances?

Nope, it counts as an entirely different command. I think only 2 of the Rift Dancers’ traits involve Defend anyway, so you just wouldn’t be able to use those. Other traits that activate via defend won’t work either. However, there are some spells and traits to make your creatures defend regardless.

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