Siralim 2: Renaissance has been released!

This update is currently only available on Steam to ensure that no major bugs or crashes slipped in. Steam is the easiest platform to update, so I can fix any issues very quickly this way. The update will be rolled out to other platforms in the coming days, with iOS and Playstation taking the longest since they require approval from their respective companies.


  • New feature: New Game Plus. Starting a new game using this option allows you to play the game in different ways. Examples include an option to start the game with all breeding combinations unlocked, an option to extract cores from any creature, or a random creature mode which randomizes the order in which new creatures are unlocked in the wild. This mode is only available after defeating Misery in a normal save file, or by using the secret code at the title menu (hold down the “right” button for 5 seconds).
  • New feature: Daily Realms. You can complete one of these per day, and they reward Spell Gem crafting materials and Fleshwarper Coins. You can unlock Daily Realms via a castle upgrade.
  • Added 40 new skins to the game. These are all known as “Retro” skins and consist of sprites from Siralim 1’s original artwork when the game was still in beta testing.
  • Added a new accolade to track the number of Daily Realms you’ve completed.
  • Added a new app icon.
  • More optimizations to make the game run more smoothly on low-end devices.
  • Several bug/crash fixes.

It’s up on now! Hope all 3 of you enjoy the update!

Just finished uploading to Google Play (Android)! Should be available any minute now.

Submitted for iOS! Apple should finish reviewing it and release it in 1-2 days.

It’s up on iOS now!