Siralim 2 - Transparency Report

There’s a lot going on behind the scenes with Siralim 2 right now, and I think now is a good time to discuss some of these things.

First, I’m still working to get iOS caught up with the rest of the platforms in terms of updates. Thanks to everyone for being so patient during this process - believe me, no one is more upset than I am that these releases have been continuously rejected by Apple. I just submitted a new patch attempt this morning, so we’ll see how things turn out soon. Let’s hope for the best! After this patch is taken care of, I’ll work to address all outstanding bugs on all platforms to ensure the game is as stable as possible.

I’m also still working on the boring paperwork for the Playstation 4 and Vita releases. I haven’t even begun to test the game on these platforms yet, but that’s the easy part anyway. I still don’t have an estimate as to when the game will be released for these platforms, but it seems like it’ll be toward the end of November at this point. I’m also very keen to release both Siralim 1 and 2 on Xbox One, and while I’ve already obtained developer certification and development kits from Microsoft, I’ve been too busy with the other things discussed in this topic to even know if these games will see the light of day on this platform. Still, I think it’s worth mentioning.

In the meantime, I’ve been working on the upcoming content expansion as time allows. You’re going to love it. The new features fit seamlessly into the core game, and there’s a godly amount of new content for you to explore. I’m going to start writing development blog posts to reveal some of these new features starting next week. I’ll to try to reveal a new aspect of the expansion each week to hopefully keep everyone on the hook until it’s finally released. The current plan is to release the Playstation (and possibly Xbox) version of the game after the expansion is released. For that reason, you can expect the expansion to come out in late November or early December, although I can’t promise this will happen.