Siralim 2 Unofficial Wiki

I just started putting this together yesterday so it’s light on content. I’ll be adding to it as I can. Anyone who registers can also help me add information to it.

Zack, if there’s anything you’d like me to add to it (or not add to it) for any reason please let me know.

Send me a PM if you have trouble registering, adding pages, or adding content (or just using it). Thanks!

Currently working on getting all my Breeding Combinations dumped into the wiki.

I added a How To on adding a creature to the wiki for those of you who want to contribute

Added all the Nature spells I have! Values with a * are guesstimated values as I do not have a spell of that gem without Properties.

Thanks! You can see a gem at base mana cost with it’s possible combinations by going to Menu > Library > Compendium of Spells. I can fix these up later if I have them.

Well look at that! fixed em up

Yay! thanks =)


As a novice, i find the wiki not so helpfull, as it simply lists stuff without really any explanation, guide, hint, tip…

For example, i think i’ve read in the first step of my gameplay, i can change my class later. So i went to the wiki to find out how to do it, and i didn’t find anything under the Mage page, only a list of what is on the forum. It’s still a good thing to have obviously, i just feel it’s lacking documentation.

Also i find the texts not easy to read, without obvious titles, paragraph, bold, underlined etc.

I know it’s a wiki so i could do it myself, i simply wanted to say what i think about it in its current state.

No, titles or formatting? This makes me question whether your css loaded.

Anyway, as for the questions, it’s still very much a work in progress. I hope to expand the FAQ and How To page to answer specific things later. Right now we’re focusing on getting a lot of the base data content from the game into the wiki.

I’ve added this question and answer to the FAQ.

There is now a page for Cards if anyone has found any and would like to add them.

I’ve created a new theme for the wiki that should be a lot friendlier to people at various screen sizes. I’ve got a few things left to do still (like the photo alignment on the creature pages) but let me know if you have any issues. Thanks!

Thanks a lot Fairwyn. This will be very helpful for most of us.

There used to be a tab under breeding combinations where you can jump right to the tribe we want we see. Can i have it back rather than scrolling through the list?

Yes, that was the TOC. I had to turn it off temporarily, but I will be putting it back as soon as I get it restyled (sometime today)

TOC is back now and hopefully even easier to use

Adding creatures just got easier!

I made a form that will build the page for you and the lists are now dynamically built from the data blocks on the creature pages. Just put the information in once now.

You’ll still have to go to the creature page to put the photo up, but that’s it.

Some bestiary entries don’t get added to Material. Crazed Leper, at least. I added another one and it was added but the original is still there.

I went ahead and fixed this; I think some of the older entries have the data in the wrong format which makes them not show up in the table, if you find anymore just make a post and they can be fixed pretty easily.

most of the forsaken entries. I’ll let you know if find more