Siralim 2 - Upcoming changes to the Secret Ingredient trait

I’m working on patch 0.9.0 right now, which will include an overhaul of most class-specific perks as well as several new perks for each class. I’m also hoping to include an “item sets” system which will allow you to quickly swap your creatures’ artifacts and gems out with those you’ve previously defined at the stables.

However, one other change is coming to the ‘Secret Ingredient’ trait and I wanted to let everyone know about this change ahead of time as I know many of you are using this trait at the moment.

Secret Ingredient is a poorly designed trait because, as many of you have already pointed out, it allows players to ignore stats entirely. It’s the main reason why some builds exist that allow players to easily climb to any realm depth without applying as much effort as you would if the trait did not exist.

Therefore, Secret Ingredient will be overhauled entirely for patch 0.9.0 with the following effect:

Increases the potency of your chef buffs by 50%. This trait does not stack.

I believe this trait is still quite powerful in that it will allow players to ultimately progress more quickly (faster favor, card drops, etc), but I do not believe it will feel as mandatory as its previous form.

I just wanted to get this warning up ahead of time so you can start planning around it before the patch drops later this week.