Siralim 2 Website!

The first iteration of Siralim 2’s website has been uploaded! The website includes tons of new screenshots, a feature list, and most importantly, the game’s trailer! We’ll use this site as a launchpad for our upcoming Steam Greenlight campaign, and update it once the game is released.

Keep in mind that the website is not only aimed at Siralim veterans, but also people who are new to the series. For that reason, a lot of the information might seem pretty “general”, but I hope you’ll enjoy it all the same!


really like the look and layout of the website! music in the trailer really stood out.

ps: will faster walkspeed in the castle be easier to obtain this time around? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, and it’s obtained much more easily than in Siralim 1! There’s also a counterpart to it that works in realms after you’ve defeated all the enemies.

Mmm very lovely showing indeed… and I believe that one of those screenshots hinted at the main character having his own host of spells to cast? I am guessing those are only for utility/nonbattle purposes?

Yes, all of your character’s spells will be for utility such as the alteration spells to change which realm you visit next.

Or revealing chests etc. Oh and I put the website link in my skype status. :slight_smile:

YAY, it’s finally announced!

And so I will reiterate: the banner art looks great! But I have this question: will you release the soundtrack on Steam, it says there will no “paid DLC” in the FAQ, but I would love to get the soundtrack . . .

. . . especially since I love the trailer’s soundtrack and the trailer in general! (Though it looks a bit blurry—not because it’s in 720p, my resolution is 1600 * 900 so I never watch videos in 1080p.)

I love that the castle is somewhat more “open-world,” meaning that there are no transitions every room, it’s great and it will feel more natural and fluid.

Judging by the combat sequence, it seems enemy placement will be largely different, that’s interesting. I wonder how that will change the “surrounding creatures” abilities.

Oh, and one final (for now :P) miscellaneous question: is (the goddess of the Death realm?) Erebyss’s sprite a reference to The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth’s Lilith? I mean, only the eye band and the demonic skin colour really look similar, but it’s the first thing that came to my mind when I saw it.

The soundtrack will be available as well. By “paid DLC”, I mean for ridiculous things like selling creatures and things like that. :slight_smile:

Great Work, Zack. The website and Trailer look great.

Breeding Compendium Page 622… this is going to be fun. I like the slow burn “collectibles” like the breeding compendium, cooking recipes, and cards. Some of us will probably burn through the castle upgrades in a few sittings, so stuff like this keeps the unlocks coming hundreds of hours later.

Are you considering an option to buy something (cosmetic/sprites perhaps) for those that would like to donate/throw more money at you?

Still tossing that idea around, actually. Adding a shop to buy alternative creature skins would probably interest at least a few people!

I’d definitely pay for the old moon/servant/etc hunter skins among others - building a team around the skins you like best might be in many peoples interest, so a way to turn your creatures appearance into that of another might be well received if you’re not opposed to that.

Why not just donate without getting anything back in return if you’re so keen on donating (because it’s the actual meaning of donating, otherwise it’s just buying)? Micro-transactions do not belong to paid games.

The only suitable option that could solve your issue, in my opinion, would be to have a paid DLC enabling you to change creature sprites at your leisure. (Or enabling the game to be modded, but it’s pretty much the same.)

It’d be cool to have an option to use the “retro” sprites for creatures from Siralim 1 that had applicable sprites; I like most of the new sprites, though I do miss the old Efreets (the new design is great, but there was something rather cute about the old ones :P)
I don’t know if the old sprites have copyright/ownership issues, though, as I remember that they were done by a different artist. A few alternate sprites based on, but not directly copied from the old designs would be interesting if there is a legal issue with the old ones.
Of course, this all is much more feasible to do when the game is released, it’s not something I expect before EA and the full game release.

Wonder if there will be gear for your character…? With utility effects for example.

So if there was an “alternate sprite pack” DLC, I would buy it :->

That being said, prior to release it is probably a good idea to focus on making the release version of the game look as good as possible and play as well as possible! (DLC packs can always be added later.)

I don’t think an in-game microtransactions store would go over well at all on PC. A sprite DLC pack would probably be just fine and get you some extra coin, but I would personally steer far clear of microtransactions and non-cosmetic DLC.

Non-cosmetic microtransactions will definitely not happen, don’t worry.

Hello, I just wanted to let you know that text and screenshots go off screen on my iPad (3rd Generation (2012), latest OS, Safari, landscape orientation). Some sentences can’t be made out. This doesn’t happen on your original Siralim website.