Siralim 2 - What a game!

Hi all. I wanted to make a review of this game since I am having so much fun with it. I want to explain how I came to finding the game as well. So first of all I have always been a bit of an achievement junkie, on the xbox, steam and android. I just wanna unlock all the achievements and move on. There have been a few games though that I have stuck around with for some time and clocked hundreds of hours on. Siralim 2 is going to get this treatment as well I suspect as I am loving every minute of the game, I play.

So I found the game a while back based on me searching on google for steam games with loads of achievements, I came across Siralim 1 or 2, I can’t really remember but I think I just added it to my wishlist as a potential game I might play to get the achievements. As time went by, I played lost of other games whilst Siralim was just sitting in my wishlist and I didn’t even know what kind of game it was. So a while later (maybe a year) I looked again online for other games on steam with loads of achievements and came across Siralim again… I thought to myself “I’ll buy it and give it a go”…

So now I’ve put about 25 hours into Siralim 2 and can tell it’s gonna be my main game for a long time. I even bought it on PS Vita so I can take it around with me to my friends etc. It seems like it’s an incredibly deep game with lots of mechanics working together to make my ability to perform in battle stronger. I love the breeding in the game, increasing stats this was gives me so much to think about and breeding different creatures together to create different creatures. I just love everything about this game. There was one annoying thing, but it made me laugh to be honest, the enemy attacked me which silenced me or something like that but it was just like an endless loop of not being able to attack for like 10 minutes whilst this enemy kept using the same spell over and over lol. It’s ok, it ended on it’s own, and I defeated it.

I would like some information, maybe a guide for the game, as at the moment its just grinding. I want to keep progressing and I guess this is the only way, not that that is a bad thing because it isn’t, I just wanna reach the endgame cause I think that’s where it’s gonna start getting really interesting.

I never played Siralim 1. Maybe one day I’ll buy that and give it a go, the fighting system in that looks slightly different.

So to end my post I would like to give a huge thanks to Zack for creating this masterpiece. :slight_smile: I hope to see more from you in the future.

Great to hear you like it! Thanks for the support and kind words.