Siralim 3 - Early Access Report #1

Wow! It’s been almost three weeks since Siralim 3 hit Early Access on Steam. The time has flown by for me… probably because I’ve spent just about every minute of my days reading and implementing feedback, adding new content, and fixing bugs. So far, I’ve released over 60 patches for the game, and I don’t plan to slow down any time soon.

I want to start by thanking everyone who has submitted bug/crash reports, and for remaining patient while I fix those issues. Luckily, there are hardly any crash reports anymore, and the bugs are now really minor and generally unnoticeable to most people. That means that I can spend more time adding content and quality-of-life improvements to the game!

Here’s a quick glimpse of what has been added to Siralim 3 in the last few weeks:

  • Prophecies: repeatable, end-game quests that you can complete while enjoying other content.
  • Nemesis Creatures: mini-bosses that can spawn anywhere in realms, and drop extra loot and exclusive items when defeated. Each Nemesis Creature has a special “affix” that grants it a unique bonus in battle, forcing players to adjust their strategies accordingly in order to win.
  • Talisman effects: these items can be upgraded indefinitely in order to confer a bonus to you and your creatures. You can unlock an additional Talisman power after you upgrade them to rank 100 - those powers aren’t implemented yet, but that’s what I’m focusing on right now!
  • Adjustments to the death penalty to make it less frustrating while maintaining tension.
  • Adjustments to the breeding system to make it feel more rewarding.
  • Adjustments to the arena to make it feel less random and more skill-based.
  • Countless quality-of-life changes, balance adjustments, bug fixes, and more!
  • My current priorities are to implement rank 100 powers for all the talismans in the game, as well as to start using a new compiler to build the game so that you’ll never run into any performance issues, even if you collect 5000 creatures and 100,000 items! (Yes, I tested those numbers specifically).

After that, I’ll start to work on additional content including Nether Bosses, God Bosses, Avatars, Tavern Brawls, and much more! In the coming weeks, I’ll also release the game on Steam for Mac and Linux.

I’d also like to return to my old schedule of writing a new blog post each week. I have plenty of good ideas for topics that I’m excited to share with everyone, so stay tuned! Until then, I hope you’ll continue to enjoy Siralim 3.

Most people accomplish in a work day what it takes for you to write your patch notes, much less code, test, and push the patches themselves. I hope you’re happy with the steam sales so far. That platform worries me from a visibility perspective, but it must help being a sequel to a game that came out in the Greenlight era.

(Thanks for talismans, grindable passive bonuses are always welcome)

Zack, Thank you so much for all the hard work! In particular, the communication during early access had been unbelievable. I don’t know if any other game that has been this effective at communicating with players about progress, issues, and quality of life improvements.

Side Note: If you were to decide to slow down a bit and relax a bit more in the coming weeks, no one would hold that against you :slight_smile:

As a Siralim 2 veteran, I found it difficult at first to come to terms with some changes, but over time I got used to it and recognized the many benefits that came with the changes. It’s great to be part of the development and see how the mistakes I find are fixed. This makes the game something special, something to remember for longer than some of the big producers’ games. I really hope there will be Siralim 3 Switch Edition. Stardew Valley has made it, although Nintendo has a similar series of games. I wish you a lot of fun with the further development of Siralim 3 and I hereby promise you that I will also be part of The Negative’s early access and will do my best to support you and the community.

Best regards from Germany!

doesn’t sound like new game+ is a priority yet. kind of finished with S3 and while it was the quickest Siralim to ‘solve’ yet, I’m eager to throw money at whatever comes next!

more greetings from germany, tell me if you want some quality chocolate :smiley: