Siralim 3 - Early Access Report #2

Aaaaa, yes!
Avatars are gonna return, just me and Tartarif(sic) hackin’ through hordes of enemies, sharing laughs and cares, drinking refreshing summer-y beverages with curly straws!
More (or less, I’m being 100% serious) seriously, though…

I’ve always loved programmable battle formations. I think the first game where I really got a handle on them was one of the old Infinity Engine games, maybe Icewind Dale?
Or possibly a rogulike - Moria? Did Moria even have macros? I, I don’t recall…
They can be a bit tricky to implement, so - no rush, but I’m interested to see what other content you might use them for…!

For purposes of balances, should us early-accessors be taking notes or giving feedback or something?
I often use teams that might be generously called casual, and slightly less generously called ineffective, heh. If there’s anything we can provide, say so!

… But wow, looking back in the past, that anti-spam report, whew.

Thanks again for all your hard work!

Also, the level of communication you have work the player have is incredible. (I wish more devs were Early Access reports that were that detailed!!)

“You! You! Give us smooth!”
“Yes! You! Give us silky!”

yeah baby, thank you, free Singularities are always welcome - maybe I was to over-hasty with my judge - some of them look really cool.

At first: Great work. You made an impressive game, an more impressive part two aaaaaand an much more impressive part three! That´s amazing.

I can´t wait to get my hands on the new singular creature. Is there any special reason you chose this monster?

@Baudouin: Suggestions for balance are always welcome!

@Michael: It’s surprisingly difficult to find a creature that isn’t too specialized to release in a giveaway. It doesn’t feel very good to give out “mass” creatures like Diabolic Horde because they aren’t immediately useful to everyone, and many other creatures don’t become useful until later in the game when you have access to more items and other creatures to complement them. Chaos Guards are viable and straightforward at any point in the game, so I figured that would be a good choice.

Looks pretty great! Any news on if the stat cap is going away, or will be a prospect for newgame+?

Unfortunately I do not think that it will be cut out. Best we can hope is a new game + feature.
However, fortunately he implemented a trait that increases the cap to 750% but I do not know how to get this trait - this Information comes from Umaro btw