Siralim 3 enters Early Access on May 25, 2018!

Yes, it’s official! Siralim 3 will enter Steam Early Access on May 25, 2018. Early Access will be for the Windows version of the game only, and we’ll slowly roll out Mac and Linux versions after a few weeks.

Here’s a link to our Steam page:

The cost is $14.99 USD.

I cannot wait to get this game into your hands!

Awesome! I can’t wait!

Thank you so much for all the work that you have put into the series. I never thought we would get a Siralim 3, but I am so excited that trilogy is going to get the confusion that it deserves.

This probably isn’t an answer-able question, but do you have any idea how “finished” Siralim 3 will be when it enters early access? Should we expect a similar Early Access period as we saw for Siralim 2? (Or is Siralim 3 more or less far along than it’s predessor?)

You mention in the Steam page that some (most? all?) Post-story content will come after the start of early access? Is the story content a similar length as Siralim 2? (I.e. a similar number of story bosses?)

Siralim 3 isn’t quite as finished as Siralim 2 was at the start of Early Access… but with that in mind, Siralim 3 already has a lot more content. And, as far as I can tell, there are far less bugs/crashes in Siralim 3 going into EA.

There are 15 story bosses instead of 10, and there’s a lot more to do after you complete the story this time around (as if the last game didn’t have enough). The biggest thing that will be missing at the start is Tavern Brawls.

Thanks a lot. I am definitely looking forward to the release and will buy myself a copy on day 1. (Just trying to decide whether it is better to gift friends copies on day 1 or wait till later in early access.)

Love the new tavern brawl and knowledge system. Hate the new singular creature system, but only because I must have them all and will lose my mind (card collecting flashbacks). Siralim games are so much fun at launch, finding secrets and learning new systems with the community.

… And of course discovering all the new “You’re Ridiculous” combos