Siralim 3 - Gameplay Improvement Suggestion - Multiple Creature Summoning


Add a new option for the player to select multiple monsters at a time for summoning.


The current way of summoning one creature at a time is very slow compared with the amount of breeding to be done in Siralim 3. In Siralim 2 there was a much smaller number of breeding combinations (about 1000 I heard quoted somewhere) compared with the the large number of new breeding combinations generated via code in Siralim 3 (3054 breeding combinations).

As a player I can only summon about 3-4 specific creatures that I want per minute. Let’s say 3.5 monsters per minute at my fast pace scrolling through 18 pages of creature cores.
This is 210 creatures per hour of me sitting in front of my computer. I want to summon more monsters, but the sheer amount of time it takes makes it prohibitive and not very fun.

So, the extra million or so brimstone and crystal don’t really end up getting used. I remember at the beginning of the game I never had any of those resources, but now I convert them to other things because I just don’t want to summon creatures anymore.

Example of Mechanic:

Go to the summoning braizer.
// Select Option: Select and summon multiple monsters.
// Input Number: How many monsters would you like to summon? —> 3
// Creature Selection: (1) Valkyrie Knight (2) Terra Vulpes (3) Iron Golem
// Check one last time: Are you sure you wish to summon these 3 creatures for 3000 brimstone and crystal?
// Finish: You successfully summoned X1, X2, and X3