Siralim 3 - Infinite Inferno / Inferno Spell

Hello again, sorry to bother once more!

I am still playing with my last post’s team, and noticed something else.
My Flametongue Efreet’s artifact has the Infinite Inferno trait, and it seems to be working as intended.
However, it also has the Inferno spell gem. When I cast Inferno, most of the time the enemies’ burn debuff expires in the next turn, although a few times it didn’t (and I couldn’t figure out why, maybe the spell was echo’ed and I didn’t notice).
Does the Inferno spell “extend the duration of the enemies’ Burn debuff by 1” override the Infinite Inferno trait? If so, should it actually be like that?

Thanks for the attention! :slight_smile:

Oops, sorry: Still on Windows, patch 1.3.18.

Thanks, I’ll fix this in the next patch!