Siralim 3 - Patch 0.0.26 released!

  • NOTICE: If Saia is missing from your save file due to a few known bugs (which should now be fixed), it should appear in your stables after loading the game with this patch.
  • CHANGE: No more fancy stuff with the damage formula. It’s pretty much how it was in Siralim 2, but with slightly reduced damage to prevent creatures that are at similar levels from easily one-shotting each other so often. This should also prevent certain sources of damage from causing strange amounts of damage, such as Burn. Let me know what you think!
  • CHANGE: Creatures that are at a lower level than enemies receive bonus experience points in battle.
  • FIX: Summoned creatures now have heredity to match that of the caster, so summond creatures can now go beyond level 50.
  • FIX: Some rare items were too common.
  • FIX: When creating a charm, the game didn’t correctly check to make sure you had enough resources so you could end up with negative amounts of crystal.
  • FIX: Nether Creatures ignored Heredity and didn’t have a maximum level.
  • FIX: “Grand Archivist” achievements had the wrong names.
  • FIX: Another case where Saia could be bred.