Siralim 3 - Patch 0.0.36 released!

  • ADD: New sound effects for menu scrolling, canceling, and confirming. They’ll probably sound pretty strange at first since we’re used to hearing the old ones 10000 times per day, but you’ll probably grow to like them more over the old ones.
  • FIX: Memory leak related to some spell gems not being properly disposed of after battle. This could cause strange crashes, bugs, and lag after several battles.
  • FIX: “Epidemic” spell could sometimes be used on the wrong creatures.
  • FIX: Random library books should no longer appear in strange areas.
  • FIX: When returning from the “Item Sets” or “Strategy” menus, the selected menu item was wrong.
  • FIX: Typo in Regalis’ shop that claimed the “Waspid Slicer” was a “Waspid Infiltrator”.
  • FIX: More bugs that prevented players from scrolling up/down in certain menus.
  • FIX: Dumpling Card was bugged.

If we’re doing sound effects, I would love if you could check out the waspid one. Unless I am crazy, with headphones on, waspid sound effects are noticably louder, and the buzzing switches between left and right ear.

It was annoying enough that I didn’t make the waspid team I wanted to play this weekend, and will only do so with sound off. Haha

Yeah, we’re definitely in a good spot to start requesting sound effects right now, so let me know if you think of anything else! I want to know which ones annoy people (although someone suggested re-doing all 300+ spell sound effects - that’s not going to happen - I’m not rich) and also if there are any in-game actions that people think could use a sound effect, such as when you enchant a gem or something like that.

I think it would be nice if the cats in Nex make an “meow” sound when talking with the Charakter. :3