Siralim 3 - Patch 0.0.37 released!

  • ADD: The following Talismans are now functional, excluding their rank 100 powers (only listing their initials to avoid spoilers): DoE, SR, MS, VD, ZK, BoA, GB, AS, FG, LR, VR
  • CHANGE: Gore Knives don’t drop as frequently.
  • CHANGE: Quality of life: game now auto-saves after returning from an Itherian Realm via the portal in a boss’ room.
  • FIX: “Deadly Instincts” trait was incorrectly activating when the creature killed an ally.
  • FIX: Lots of “instance could not be found” crashes related to Saia.
  • FIX: Another memory leak related to the sigil property that copies your creatures’ gems and gives them to enemies.
  • FIX: Sigil property that gave buffs to enemies caused them to have the strange belt debuff instead.